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January 04, 2010


What a week.  If you cant tell by my profile pictures, I am not a very strong guy.  I'm 5'7 and 145 lbs on a fat day. I have arms that look like they belong to a snowman and you have probably seen thicker legs hanging out of a nest. 

For the past week we Canucks have been clobbered with snow, freezing rain and high winds.  Its made our temperature upwards of -30 everyday and snowfall after snowfall.  Im not complaining about that, we live in Canada we are used to it. Its actually why they make our beer A LOT stronger and better (HAHA! too bad you cant hit the "DIE" button on Blogs!) 

Yesterday was a VERY snowy day.  I fell me arse outta bed around 7am, hopped in the shower.  Today I did practice my dance moves.  Chattahoochie beating through my brain I began to grapevine and slap leather (NO, not that Leather) well maybe... yay for me. Out of the shower and into my winter gear.

Looked out my front window, snow snow snow.  Bundled up. Toque, snow pants, winter coat, snow boots, heavy mittens and scarf to cover my face. I was then ready to brave the winter wonderland that was waiting for me.

It was very heavy snow.  I began to shovel the bottom of the driveway.  This is the very ugly section that is waist high because the snowplow went by.  The bottom took me 20 minutes and a ton of back ache.  Again, I'm not very strong.  I then proceeded to finish the rest of the driveway. Total, 45 minutes... not too bad.  Popped open a Coke and stood there admiring my fine efforts.  Just then a huge tractor with a snow blower drove up the neibours driveway and blew all their snow back on too my driveway!!!!!! I started to jaw at him a bit and then he got out.... I stopped jawing. He was a White Incredible Hulk.  So For the first time in my life, I shut my mouth and began to re shovel.  20 more minutes later, I finished.

I went in the house made myself a lemon grass tea (Now that is tough) and played trains with my boy Nicholas.  

Later that evening, I decided to go out for round two.  The snow had piled up again.  I got all dressed up again and headed out.  Now its really cold because the sun has gone to sleep for the day.  Another 30 minutes and I'm done, not to  bad.  As Im walking up to the garage to pack it in for the night, I see some blue lights flashing.... NO!!!!!!!!!!! Its the city snow plow!!!!! He drives by my driveway  and makes a 3 foot mountain in front... SHIT!  30 more minutes and AGAIN I am done. 

There is a lot of good and a lot of bad about living in Canada, Free Health Care... good, Snow...NOT GOOD!

Very sore today.... Thanks for stopping by!