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Published February 04, 2010
In-laws. How many times have you heard 'ugh! I hate my in-laws' from your friends, family, co-workers of both the male and female genders? Every day? Sure, why not? Hating your in-laws is kind of an expected part of marriage. It's kind of anticipated that when you get married you're not going to like your in-laws. But not me. My in-laws are awesome. They're great, really. I kind of feel bad for my friends with the typically annoying in-laws. Ya know, the kind of in-laws that thousands of comedians have complained about for years. I actually have it so good with my in-laws that when I'm over visiting them I create drama with my imagination, just to kind of relate to those who don't have the cool kind of in-laws I do. One of the funnest things I do though, to create that imaginary drama, is that whenever my in-laws yell at the family dog I like to pretend in my head that they are saying it to me. A couple things from just the other night went like this: NO! NO! NO! DON'T EAT THAT!The stupid dog got up on the counter and ate the taco dip. Stupid dog. UGH! God, you stink!That stupid dog was out in the rain and came back in smelling like a wet…dog. GO AWAY!The stupid dog would not leave us alone when we were eating! Stupid dog. YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR OUR DAUGHTER!The dog was actually being OK when they said this one, but ya know. Stupid dog.