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August 23, 2012

What I think happens behind closed doors at Pixar Studios.

Okay so I just finished watching this documentary called "The Pixar Story" and it got me thinking. What really goes down at Pixar? I've always wondered exactly how they come up with their ideas for their movies. My guess? drugs. I think everyone at Pixar just sits around, snorts cocaine, smokes large amounts of marijuana, etc. I mean their water cooler is full of heroin, probably. There's no way they can just sit around and then think of an idea and say "Holy shit you guys! Check this out, how about a movie about toys....that can fucking talk! Or how about Cars that can talk!" that level of creativity cannot be achieved without some sort of drug, nope. Not to mention all of them wear hawaiian shirts to work, and we've all seen Scarface, they're easily apart of cocaine trafficking. Also, the employees look like legitimate rapists, pardon me for the Todd Akin reference. Maybe they even have their own psychedelic drug of their own and it's called like "The Pixar pixie dust" or some shit, I don't know. But basically what I'm saying is that Pixar uses performance enhancing drugs and all their employees look like rapists.