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July 03, 2010


Having an anger problem can be a drain on our energy and our health. It seems like we're fine one day but then the next day something pushes us over the edge. It’s easy on days like that to slip into bad habits and make the same mistakes over and over again. This happens even though we know that these repeated mistakes and bad habits are costing us in our lives.

Here are some suggestions on things you should avoid doing:

Don’t make the mistake of trying to play the blame game. It may seem important for your ego to find out who was at fault, but it's not going to improve the situation. What you should be putting your focus on is finding a solution and a way to move forward instead of worrying about who made mistakes in the past.

Don’t try to tell the other person what they should think or feel. You can't control what they think and feel - only what you do. All they from you need in regards to their feeling is acceptance.

Don't drag up the past. We've all done it. Some old arguments keep coming up over and over again.

You need to focus on the here and now and what needs to be done to make things better now. Don’t resort to threats or violence, put-downs, yelling or ridicule just to try to get your own way.

If you see yourself in these scenarios too often then it's time to look for a permanent solution to your anger problems. You can search online for terms such as anger management tips, Anger Management Techniques, how to deal with rage There are anger management courses available online and in your area that can help.