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January 14, 2012

Article I wrote for The Bleachers Report, which doesnt look like being taken up and taken on as regular columnist.


I am 31 years old and all fellow 30-somethings who still love WWE will attest that in some circles it’s not exactly social suicide; however it is not the kind of thing you put under hobbies and interests on your resume.


A brief flashback puts this writer as a fan from 1986 roughly and watching religiously for 5 years or so, then kind of missing out for a few years as I got to the age where you want to be out playing with friends and football etc.  Got really back into things full time for the Attitude Era and the golden era until 2003 or so when I started to have a family.


Luckily in the past year my 8 year old son has discovered WWE [Code – I gently pushed him in that direction!] and it’s a chance for me to be a fan again!  I have had to swot up on the last few years and have discovered that Cena now rules the roost, with Orton, Henry, Christian etc there too, and of course the magnificent CM Punk.


Although I could have an issue on the horizon with rumours and whispers that the PG Rating may be coming to an end in some shape or form, as we approach a more adult-targeted product.


My issue is with my son.  I will of course be able to continue watching – I can handle a little blood, cursing and the like, however I’ve convinced my wife it’s okay for him to watch as its PG and none of the hardcore stuff is really about, except for some PPV stuff however I can handle this by checking results online before we watch it the day after to see if there are any non-PG stuff.


There must be a few parents in the same boat wanting to share the WWE experience with their children and being torn between seeing a better product, i.e. Attitude-Lite and continuing to watch with their kids.


Hopefully they decide to keep it generally PG, however just making it a lot more interesting at times.  We don’t necessarily need blood and stiff chair shots and cursing to make it exciting.  Maybe if the creative team just worked a bit more proactively and had a long term plan, there would be no need for any changes.