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March 31, 2008


anybody know what song the title of my blog is a line from? if i got it wrong i'm sorry, but this is the way it should be. damp is a great word. almost as excellent as moist. moist moist moist. just say it a few times, you'll feel the need to brush your teeth or you'll really want to suck some cock. either way you're gonna feel dirty. i'll be honest, saying moist over and over makes me wanna go down on the big itaian guy at work like a cum-guzzling queen (wow i hope my mom doesn't read that). but on to other things...

my minds a blank all i can think of is "moist" and my mother. great combo.

apparently i had to remind myself that i'm lactose intolerant. yeah, about once a month i'll get high and NEED milk and cookies. so i drink half a gallon of the white stuff and eat a box of chunky chips ahoy and think as digestion begins this isn't so bad, why have i been avoiding milk for the last month, i feel fine.        

so i go to bed feeling all warm and cookie-fied.mmmmm. but in the morning, usually about 10 minutes before my alarm goes off, i wake up with an overwhealming sense of urgency, but i'm not awake enough to know why. then, just before it's too late, i get it...I HAVE TO SHIT NOW! and the agility drill to the bathroom begins. over the sleeping girl (shh! don't wake her) off the bed that's always 6 inches further from the ground than i remember. through the sea of dirty clothes, but not too fast or i might catch my toe on something more solid than stiff, old socks, and that's not how my brain wants to greet the morning. then through the door, over the tripwires of xbox connectors and microphone cables. into the bathroom to the porceline vessle of glorious release. ahhhh. maybe on the way i'll grab and entertainment weekly or something, but usually i'll grab my cigs and my pipe. something about smoking whilst shitting that just feels good and right and true...or maybe that's just me.

one more time just for fun...moist