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February 15, 2017

Being a Hipster would have sounded like a fad that would have faded in the 70s; interestingly, we find that this trend keeps up with contemporary trends, styles and it’s definitely here to stay.

You know that you’ve spent way too much time online if you’re actually going to read this. May be you’re here to improve your ways of being ‘Hipster’ – or you’re simply here for Hipster 101. Let’s start by trying to understand how you qualify to be in this, er, socialsegment.

What comes to your mind first when you talk about a Hipster lifestyle? Is it fun? Freedom? Creativity? Or, simply notcaring about how long your hair grows and wearing a fedora even when you sleep? In general, it’s a mix of all that spiced with individuality. Here’s a quick guide to walk, talk, and be a Hipster! You can adapt as you go along – as I said, the more individuality the better.

1. Dress Like One

Dressing, (or not dressing) is the best way to communicate your Hipster vibes. It’s probably the easiest and cheapest stepof all! The great this about this is that you wouldn’t have to sight a shopping mall for as long as you live or choose to be a Hipster – whichever comes first.

Be it beads, silks, scarves, bandanas, robes, feathers, or horns: it’s all about uncovering your personal brand. Malls are too mainstream and link up with a sense of ‘authority’ and as a Hipster; it should be your goal to defy them.

Our Hipster tip is to go ‘artisanal’ – buy clothing and accessories from your local stores, garage sales, and flea markets.

  • Go around your neighbourhood or to your grandparents; they’re bound to have great vintage clothes. You can easily spruce it up with a jagged cut or embellishments.
  • Buy loads of flannel: Somehow Hipsters are sometimes the only people who can wear flannel and make it look sexy.
  • Find your individual sense of style. Experiment with a few types of clothes. Don’t always follow what others within the community prefer. The key to being endorsed is to find comfortable and unique clothing.
  • Use a loose-fitting jacket or cardigan to keep warm or switch from fun to formal by delayering it.
  • Hipsters are often found in Converse runners or vintage oxfords. Channel \#thrifty with footwear and you’re already ahead of the game.
  • Wear statement glasses; you may have heard of statement necklaces? Well, it’s just for ‘decorative’ purposes,you don’t have to be partially blind. Nerd glasses can definitely top your Hipster score by a notch or two.

2. Smile at The Stares

People *will* gape at you. Don’t be surprised if they follow you around with a magnifying glass. It’s no secret some people don’t like Hipsters and the best way to meet those stares are with a smile. Or, a nod or whatever soothes your Hipster soul. The easiest way to carry your Hipster is to be aloof: it’s all about the confidence. Rev it up to inspire others to want to dress in the colours of the rainbow and run around with a tambourine.

3. Irony and Statements

Use accessories and clothing that have statements which are ironic. #AllHailHipster Use a signature article of clothing like a fedora or beanie as your personal signature or ‘brand’.

4. Hair it Out

For females, an emo hairstyle – (that’s ablunt Bob-cut or messy updo in laymen terms) works best; style is with colours or have your personal choice of wearing it natural – greys and all. Guys could look at classical styles from the 50s or 60s as a reference. With the help ofl ots of hair product, you could muster a neatly styled coif. Our Hipster tip toyou is to ask your stylist to work with the shape of your head and face, a sleek look for angular faces and a softer touch for rounder. You can’t go wrong with a goatee!


5. Hipterests

That’s Hipster-Interests, for you. (We try!) You cannot claim to lead a Hipster lifestyle and resort to what you were doing before. Take time to figure out new interests; puppies, recycling,photography (use more sepia tones, of course). Change your interests of moviesto sync in with documentaries, classics, black and whites, and basically anything that a regular person wouldn’t spend too much time on.

6. Lifestyle Healing

Contemporary Hipsters, if ever there was such a term, would look at alternative methods of healing. You can explore different types of cuisine, such a vegan or vegetarian. Have inane knowledge on coffee – that always puts you on track with other Hipsters. Eat from local producers and source local food items especially within the farming community.

Read up on recipes you can experiment. Not only would this save you tonnes of money at the end of a year of eating out, you will feel and look healthier. Yay for Hipsters!

7. Music Guide

You can be just about anyone within the Hipster community and enjoy just this aspect. Choose to follow and appreciate any genre. A Hipster Tip for you is not to box or segment the types of musicyou like to listen to, but be open with choice and tastes. It’s considered snobby to like one type!

Hipster dancing is one of the most interesting concepts we have come across: you shouldn’t appear overzealous tobe at the party etc. Wear a ‘serious’ face and stay away from regular dance moves, even if you’re tempted to dance to the Macarena. Hipster moves should bevery regulated, slower, and precise. You can treat yourself to an odd retro move every now and then, but your general code should be ‘S.E.R.I.O.U.S’.


As is the case with anything – surround yourself with more people within your community. That’s always the best way to learn trends and keep you with being a Hipster. Like-minded individuals exchanging ideas, philosophies, can help you form your thoughts on your individual brand.

Being a Hipster would have sounded like afad that would have faded in the 70s; interestingly, we find that this trend keeps up with contemporary trends, styles and it’s definitely here to stay.