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June 25, 2011

why its so great being a rapper

you get to have a really cool name or not, you get to wear track suits, and clothes that are way to big for you, its awesome, wearing clothes that are 10 sizes to big, is like being naked, its like your wearing nothing at all, its because you feel so free and unrestrictive like regular tight closes cause you too feel, and you get lots of pocket space for your stuff, in case you need to carry lots of shit, you can really pack some stuff in those huge pockets, ya you don't ever need a bag, the pockets on 3xx large clothes r huge, and if your real fat dude or chick yes these clothes hide  it well, and everyone assumes your younger then your are, the clothes r easy to wash, you get to have your own label if you can find people to by clothes with your name on it, and you get to wear funky colors that wouldn't normally go with other types of clothes, and people think you have rhyming ability, and you can talk funny and its okay, you get respect 4 speed talking that rhymes, i could go on forever, being a rapper, is like being a god, ya you could say the stupidest shit, be ignorant, have a huge ego, be a bad dancer, bad rhymes, look like a homeless person, you can basically do anything you want and people respect you because your a rapper, now if you were ballerina or opera singer  you could never get away with half the shit rappers do, could you imagine them trying though, that would be sight to c, word to your mother aka the  vagina that made u