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August 19, 2015

A man registered under the name Deez Nuts is running for president and he is actually doing sort of okay in polls.

Donald Trump is going to win the GOP nomination unless Deez Nuts have anything to do about it! Oh, no, I’m not referring to my own ball sack, I actually don’t have one. I am obviously referring to the independent presidential candidate from Iowa named Deez Nuts who is officially running for president and trailing not so far behind Donald Trump in North Carolina and a few other states.

Deez Nut filled out the necessary paperwork to run for president through the Federal Election Commission back in June.


Mr. Nuts is currently polling at 9% in North Carolina, behind Trump who is at 29%. So yes, that means realistically and from a political strategist’s standpoint, we could be gearing up for a Trump Nuts Presidency.

The likelihood of Deez Nuts pulling ahead of Trump is slim, but the two of them paired together is a hard match to beat. I’m pretty positive Trump has said something along the lines of “Yeah, I’ll pick a running mate, I’ll pick deez nuts, loser!” Well, Mr. Trump, it’s time to live up to those words.