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August 15, 2008


RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE...You can try but the trials and tribulations of an overactive lifestyle that traversed more than 50 years is starting to take its toll, and a heavy toll it is.

I have just come to the realization that I cant do the things I have always done.Aint no big deal that i played sports, football, basketball, track and field in H.S. and College, and some after. No biggie that I shot scratch golf, or threw professional darts for 15 years. Yeah, professional darts, made over $250.000.00 on the circuit, was world class. But so what.

the simple fact is I cant do these things anymore, blew my knees a few years ago doing a 400 pound dead lift. I have diabetes, artheritis in both my shoulders and bursitis in one. my eyesight and hearing is going, and if you cant put on muscle you put on weight. Sedation promotes vegitation, sloth brings antrophy. there's not a man on this earth that I fear, I just cant catch them anymore.

Im still good enough to bring the big bucks at Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week, but it's more rep than skill now, and I think of the day some badass gets a knee and I go Down for the first time. I dont say this from fear, there is none, its just a damned fact.

And dont take this wrong, Im not looking for a pity party, and dont feel sorry for me because I've had experiences what most people cant even dream of or could do if they had the opportunity. I grew up a southern boy and was taught to not feel, show emotion, get sick or hurt, back down from no man, treat woman well ( if they deserved it) and be the best at anything you do. I may have lived hard but i have a conscience,I have my religion and I dont care what any one thinks about that.

So what is this then? It's a beginning... I have never shared my personal thoughts, feelings, or experiences with anyone. I read all the blogs that my friends put on here and no matter if its humorus, prophetic, silly or insane i realized that it is an honest outreach to another human being. Im not sure how well I can do this but im gonna try.

I WILL  RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE... I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY OR SOFTLY INTO THE DARKNESS...but if I dont entertain you, make you laugh, or experience some type of emotion then let me know and I will cease.... Im not sure where to start, and some may be long and take awhile to write while some may be one liners like "I DATED AND GAURDED MARYLIN CHAMBERS FOR THREE YEARS." Most of you wont even know who she is, maybe some of the guys will. If you dont know GOOGLE  her name, you will get a few hits...

So if you might have an intrest as to how an ol southern boy lived his life, look in on occasion, who knows you may get a laff or two...