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March 11, 2012

True story of a wrong number



I called my friend Matt and I thought he’d answer since I just hung up the phone with him.  I forgot to mention something so I caled him right back.  Only a female answered so I thought it was his girfriend only it didn’t quite sound like her. I was like, “Uhhhh is Matt there?”

She said in a kind of defensive tone, “No. He isn’t.  Who is this?”

I replied, “That’s odd.  I just talked to him.  This is Jenny.”


She asked, “Well what do you want?”

I replied, “I just wanted to tell him something.Guess I won’t” (Ok That’s not it but I can not remember what I said here.  Wasn’t too different from what I put)

I hung up and I thought that was that.  Then I thought that was a strange experience so I carefully called Matt and he answered.  I told him what I was going to tell him & told him about what happened.  I went to help him out and I came back home.  After I was home about fifteen minutes the phone rang and on the caller id was the wrong number I called.  I thought it was going to be a unique experience if I answered so I  answed thinking it was going to be that chick causing trouble.

In stead, it was a guy’s voice.  “Did you call me?” 

Oh boy.  Not only is she a fucking whack job, so is he.  All I said though was a simple, “No.”  I could have said I did but it was a wrong number but I wasn’t calling him.  I was far too tired to even thhink.  Plus my mom happened to be there so I couldn’t say what I was thinking.  If I did say what I was thinking, just imagine the problems I would have had.  All from a wrong number to a guy with apparently the same name as my friend. 

The guy then skeptically asked, “Who is this?”

I just rolled my eyes as I hung up.  Have they never got a wrong number before?  I have a big imagination and I just imagined that if I said what I really wanted to say, they’d track me down and murder me or something.  So be SURE you call the right number.