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May 26, 2011

A little Story of me, poppers and a shit load of free time

Time does pass so slowly when your in a field alone, well i say alone someone took the photo.

Hi im sensibly stupid you might know me from such achie breakie anthems such as Twisted Nipple and Sore as a nun.
But today i will be talking to you about Poppers and free time, not many of you may know this but poppers and free time are a lethal combination when taken in the wrong dose so be careful for instance.
I recently spent 3 hours in A'n'E after a complicated and botched home circumcision attempt on myself using a hand mirror and a steak knife.
You see kids knives can be fun but only when your using them in the manner of which they are meant, like defending against homeless guys, threatening the weaker members of your gang and a favourite of mine carving names into the backs of small primates.

So kids if you will only take one memory away with you today its this a circumcised penis does look good but when you don't do it correctly it can look like the elbow skin of a 90 year old man.