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April 15, 2009


Los Diarios del Gringo
By Shawn Schweisberger

Editors Note: Shawn Schweisberger or “Chon Cheeseburger, as hes called in the Spanish-speaking world is an intern with Reyes Media Group. He serves as a traveling correspondent for Mundo Deportivo (Sports World), a weekly, hour-long sports radio show hosted by Enrique Morales, El Padrino and Adolfo Cortez on La Gran D (1340-AM) in  Kansas City, Kan. To receive college credit for his internship at the East L.A. School of Broadcasting and Car Maintenance, hes required to keep diaries of his assignments. The following is another excerpt from his coverage of Super Bowl XLIII, with editors notes made in cases of clarification and spelling errors, designated as sic.


Bought a cigar in Ybor City. Cool place! Its near el estadio [Raymond James Stadium, where the Super Bowl was played]. Had some problems buying it. I went to this Cuban store and asked the hombre behind the cownter [sic] for a cigar in my best Spanish. I said: Quiero una cigarra por favor. He looked at me kinda weird and said in English: Make sure you keep the wings on, so youll get a real buzz when you smoke it, amigo.

Turns out, cigarra is Spanish for cicada, which is some kind of weird Cuban bird or something.


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