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Additional Credits:
Radovan Karadzic
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Published March 14, 2011

A Morning Bomb


Written By Radovan V. Karadzic

Književna re?, May, 1974 (written in pencil on the back of the second page - RSV)

Translated by Russell Scott Valentino
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A Morning Bomb

At last I am lost to all benefactors,
I burn like a cigarette between neurotic lips,
while they look for me everywhere-I wait in the dawn’s ambush
for the enormous occasion of leaving it all once and for all,
all the wondrous possibilities the savior offers me:
I rush to drop a morning bomb on a lonely man-
like a biting line more delightless than a mood.

On the hill a snatch of sleep and a glass of clear water wait for me,
a poison mushroom and a viper sharply sworn,
the clean closeness of the sky and a tense wind,
a blood-soaked relation in an ambush of pure death,
unforeseeable blue, Elijah’s stakes, windswept hilltops,
the deer-like fate of supple Cyclopses, a sure fate-
but I am carried away by the formula of nothingness, the idea of non-sleep,
I leap to drop a morning bomb that returns
amid the magic eye above town, in a professor’s happiness,
though my anxious sweetheart waits, along with a scholar’s life.

I can look for myself in sad, empty spaces,
strangle the rebellion of my beast in my blood,
just as I find myself on the ceiling of a church-I can go to sleep,
or wake up pierced at dawn on the barroom’s altar,
I can share my solitude with the river that flows peacefully
filled with mythic fish and peace that is unattainable from without,
so much solitude that I seize it for myself alone and the evening,
and seek out stocks of gold, the secrets of manganite,
and come to love seeing right through the Earth’s crust,
mild towards all and as a gentleman at the end
peacefully resolve the mystery of mysteries, and then
all night on the square of darkness shine with good:
but I rush to drop the morning bomb of laughter
beneath the left breast of this perfected century.

Or I could, all in robes, dream of Chinese rain,
lean my head against the moon goggling in the field
full of bluish star flowers, a noose of thoughts,
follow the bees buzzing, transparent, open to all
and, filled with the faith of the great magus, wait prone:
look-evening is falling on the Eskimo’s tongue, god shakes the fields,
a pair of lovers disappears behind the high school and a dog-
But I go into the magma of the night in anticipation
of dawn, to pour through all the hidden holes and into
all of it a morning bomb of laughter, a torrent of disbelief.

Radovan V. Karadzic

Književna re?, May, 1974 (written in pencil on the back of the second page - RSV)

Translated by Russell Scott Valentino
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Karadzic’s Poems

Untitled (Prepisi se u moju novu veru svetino/Convert to my new faith crowd...)

.....For Izlet Sarajlic

Convert to my new faith crowd
I offer you what no one has had before
I offer you inclemency and wine
The one who won’t have bread will be fed by the light of my sun
People nothing is forbidden in my faith
There is loving and drinking
And looking at the Sun for as long as you want
And this godhead forbids you nothing
Oh obey my call brethren people crowd
What to call you how to call you
You deaf amorphous dough
Oh I free my foolish people in vain
From you harvest bitter harvest
Oh obey my call brethren people crowd
Convert to my new faith oh crowd while there is time
Because at the final stroke I am preparing
Things will call out their vague sense to me in fear
And only the most wretched who hope for salvation
Will be silent and seek for shades of mercy in my voice
Grasses will call out to me
This god will not perish shamefully
For he is real and he can crush us
And so believe the grasses because those who are silent
Arc those only ones to know the dreadful secrets
Which will blur to death the now blurred world
Oh obey my call brethren people crowd
What to call you how to call you
You deaf amorphous dough
Oh harvest bitter harvest

Untitled (Ovaj kobni cas se ukrutio i propeo do nebesa...)(This fateful hour stiffened and reached the sky...)

This fateful hour stiffened and reached the sky
Like a tree it now binds all existence in its branches
I am the cause of universal distress
A certain knight called Moses secretly fears me
From this fateful hour hours pass by upward like my head
And you are bound by some chilly
By some frosty terror
It’s only the snake-like world that changed-its dirty skin
For the moment
It is only I who sprouted from the Universe like the morning star
And the Universe blushed with envy and changed colors
It is only cowards eating their cowardice
And their non-existent strength
It is I speaking and burning
I won’t be silent after all
And let the crowd go to the devil past redemption
I’ll handle you in no time
And without much ado
And right at this moment
A tomcat shall peep at the neighborhood kitty through a chink
And two lovers
Shall stand by the first casket on hand
And kiss each other as I command

Untitled (Jutra pola nema...) (Half the morning’s gone...)

Half the morning’s gone.
Coming down the hills
A strong and strapping wolf
Bit half the morning off
And in his heart it went
Up to the hills, to the wilds.
Every thing wept afterwards.
Up there in the hills, in the wilds
With wolves round a fire there is fun
The morn feeds itself to the flames
Not letting it die down.

Untitled (Naslucujem sunce da mi pravi ranu...) (I surmise the sun is wounding me...)

I surmise the sun is wounding me
With its sharp malignant rays
I surmise the stars are healing me
I am the deity of dark cosmic space
A horned cow reveals a faithless goddess
Everything’s turned against me the one true god
I created the world to tear my head off
Judges torture me for insignificant acts
I am disgusted by the souls who radiate nothing
Like a small nasty puppy puny death
Is approaching from afar
I don’t know what to make of all these things
But I can’t stand the sight of you you file of scum
You file of snails
Well hurry up in your slime
Because if I can turn my words into thunder
I can turn you into a pool of stagnant water
Now that I am in this crazy fervor of mine
I could do just about anything
So your stupid rotten your vain souls
Wouldn’t stare at me with their stupid peaceful eyes
If you take women out of the equation
I don’t even know what
These slimy creatures are for
What all their words are for
What their lectures are for
I demand and I want just as God rightfully wants
The immediate abolition of all things
Without a purpose and with no beauty
Without a purpose
And no soundness