Full Credits

Starring Eddie Pepitone
Featuring Ben Parks, Heather Woodward, Jesse Klein, Matt Mazany, Al Pacino
Directors Matt Mazany and Ian Skalski
Director of Photography Brian Lane
Editor Ian Skalski
Writer Matt Mazany
Associate Producer Jesse Klein
Production Design Ashley Swanson
Gaffer David Cronin
Special Thanks to iO West

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August 04, 2014

Octavio the Clown like you've never seen him before


We’ve all seen Scarface, right? Al Pacino? “Say hello to my little friend [fires machine gun from crotch area]“? Well, even if you haven’t caught at least a few minutes on TBS, this video is worth a watch. Eddie Pepitone and comedy group Cascade Up have made a funny/sad/weird short film exploring the backstory of a VERY minor character in the classic gangster film. In case it’s been a while (or you don’t get TBS), here’s a refresher: Tony Montana and his crew are watching Richard Belzer perform stand-up at a comedy club. Belzer’s act is followed by a strange clown character with a plaster head known only as “Octavio”. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that Octavio doesn’t get to finish his act as planned. If anyone ever thought about Octavio again, it was only as a dumb, random clown in the background. But now, thanks to Eddie Pepitone, he’s a dumb, random clown in the background with a soul.