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October 28, 2009


I'm dressing as a bear. I'm stocked up on Giant Pixi sticks (Thanks to Ketteelf-great Idea.) I also have a couple dozen  tubs of Cotton Candy and a hundred blow pops. I figure the cotton candy is for the little little kids, the Pixi sticks are one per person, and the blowpops are back up. I'm in gear for halloween and maybe even do a mid shift wardrobe change. Yes Thanks to my video hobby, I have managed to secure quite the theatrical wardrobe. Imagine that. Bear for an hour- elvis for a while- big foot for a few moments, and clownfather out the midnight. well I have come up with a new recipe of the week and me and hershey are going to sorce it out now and maybe get it up today. what about you? What s the skinny for your halloween?