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November 19, 2008


Season's grittings!
Okay here's your opportunity:
Post your sick lyrics to songs here. Maybe if we get enough of em Mike and the gang can set em to music and we can do a Christmas album.

(In my KariKasom voice)  Here's one from my
"Daumer Family Christmas Album" to get things going:

Chester's roasting on an open fire
Gravy dripping from his nose
Tiny thumbs with their nails all aglow
Cranberry sauce between the toes
Everybody knows

The smells are coming from his flat
but they don't want to think on that
Vicks Vap-o-rub on your lip clears the air
But don't accept an invite there

You know that Jeoffrey's cooked today
He's loaded lots of body parts in his soufflet
And every mother's son is sure to find
If he goes over there,
he might wind up

And so I'm offering this simple tune
To warn you there's a few more of these loons
Although he's now dead
though he's been put away,

There's a deep freeze
a rumored deep freeze
a well stocked deep freeze in L A.
Merry Christmas kiddies!!!