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August 23, 2008


I woke up today and i found joe Biden is the running mate choice of Barack Obama.Of course,Mr.Goofball John McCain,(we should call him McJoker) has already commented on Biden comments against Obama when he was running against.While,kissing McCain's ass in the process.Let's see maybe he conceded Obama to be real competition and didn't had to worry about McJoker atall.Politically talking John McCain is the Charlie Manson of the political world.I'm not talking murder.Charlie Manson was on the pay no mind list.He comes out in few years,makes a whole lot of noise,talking crazy jibberish shit and heads back to his shit hole where nobody hears from him until a few years later.The same exact thing McJoker when he runs for president.My olympics of politics will start monday in Denver.I'm talking about the DNC.Which I'll definitely make a few posts on.Stay tune,sports fans.