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Published: October 28, 2010
Description: Love really stinks my pretty's...
    LOVE'S STINK'S by: Jesse Jarvis (1971-HOPEFULLY SOON) Never seek to tell thy conniving little wife, wife that never grateful can be; for the blistering wind doth sting harshly, "Ouch!." I told my err, I told my lying little wife, I told her all my heart, bleeding, cold, in ghastly fears. "Ah! she did depart! you bitch! you fucking ungrateful lying little!" Soon after she was gone from me, a traveler came by, like the Vulture, Son of a Bitch!: He took her with a sigh and dropped her off after he made his way with her. Oh doth thee know now wilt it feels? "Go!" go teach our offspring thy wicked and unruly ways.

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