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December 15, 2011

My 10 favorite "Barnyard Celebrities" as written by Twitter!




Last night was the inaug-ewe-ral #PunFun, a colloborative writing project I'm doing. 

I propose a topic, and you hit me up on Twitter here with your hilariously pun-ny take on it. 

Then the next day, I repost my 10 favorites, and attribute the writer of each. 

The first topic was "Barnyard Celebrities". Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised just how many responses I got. To think that I can say "Meryl Sheep" and receive  HUNDREDS (yes, HUNDREDS) of puns @ me within a matter of hours, is truly a testament to the power of the internet. So do me a favor, and follow these funny motherf-udders. 

If there's one thing I learned from reading EVERY SINGLE SUBMISSION, it's that people love a good pun, and quite a few of you think Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse. 

If you click on their name their Twitter page will pop up! 


10. Piggy Larson / Piggy Stalls - Audrey Marie Forrest.

9.  Old MacDonald Trump, BarOx Obama, Mare Giuliani - Jeff Tully 

(This guy had a ton of funny political ones) 

8. Ewe N. McEgger - Jake Green 

7. Kristi Llama-guchi  - Mark Petrolo

(Remember her? She was in the Oatlympics) 

6. Gwyneth Bahhhh-ltrow - AllTheseAnswers

5. Hay Guevera - Andrew Gerngross

4. Heifer Sutherland - Testa Ronica

(Testa submitted like a MILLION of these, hahaha) 

3. Arnold Horse-eneggear - Michael David Fox

2. Silo Labeouf - Ian Campbell 

(Wasn't he in "Transfarmers"?) 

1.  Donkey Oat-ey  - Jonathan Skelly 

(Just genius. One for the highbrow, literary, animal lover in all of us) 



Thanks again everyone for participating! Please try again for this round!

Tonight's new topic is "Medical Fantasy". 

I'll get the ball rolling with "Professor McGonna-gall-bladder". Accio funny puns!