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August 27, 2008


I was reading the news the other day, when I came across an article about a Hillary Clinton supporter taping her mouth closed in protest of  Obama.  She was upset about not being able to show her support for Hillary at the convention.  I can understand hard feelings but isn’t this like protesting the super bowl because your team was knocked out in the playoffs?  Why does she have to be included in the roll call?  Has it happened in the past?  Do they have a space on the podium for the person who came in 5th at the Olympics? 


Sorry that is for another blog…back to the topic at hand. 


I am so sick of the tape over the mouth bit as a form of protest.  I know I should just be happy that this woman used it in the correct context, but I'm not.  It is just another tag line of protest comparable to abused sitcom catch phrases like “not that there is anything wrong with that.”  or “Could you be more…” 


A few weeks ago, months ago, whatever, somewhere in the not so distant past I was reading Newsweek and they had a full page photo of a pro-life protester with tape over her mouth.  Come on, the fact that you are out protesting proves that you have not been censored.  We have all seen this done at just about any protest.  It has just become a catch all move.  Baby seals are dying tape your mouth closed, Global warming better break out the duct tape, have an issue with the MTA fair increase… I hear True Value is running a special this week. 


Soon kids will be taping their mouths in protest of kickball.  Not to mention how are people supposed to chant the other abused protest staple of “hell no we won’t go.”  It is being destroyed like the sea life will be if off shore drilling laws are relaxed.  If people are not careful this valuable resource of protest will not be around for future generations.