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March 11, 2009


Flickr Music is the newest service, and it seems new is good! As of right now, this is simply the best service available, and the one I use. This software scans the internet for your music, movies, games or software, and returns only the fastest downloads. I found more sources for music than we could even hope for, and a strong core of video clips (movies, as well as filterable adult movies).

Unlike most of the other services, FlickrMusic is a one-time fee. You pay a small signup fee, but then never have to pay any per downloading fees. I was racking up $100+ monthly bills at places like Napster and iTunes before I found FlickrMusic!

My favorite feature was the fact that you could download as much as you wanted, without uploading ANYTHING. This software won't even allow you to upload! Why is this good? So far all the lawsuits placed on file sharers were for uploading music, not downloading! So I felt pretty safe using FlickrMusic.

The big surprises of this site were the amazing download and search speed, the huge results I found when searching, and a bunch of surprise utilities they give you to help you download, burn, and play all your content. They also outdo the other services by protecting you from downloading Spyware and Viruses, and even give you free pop-up blocker, firewall, cd and dvd burning software!

The reading and tutorials were good, some sites have slightly better tutorials, but tutorials are the least important feature of a downloading site in my opinion. Tech support was amazing, I tested it out, and one of their support people responded in record time.

Right now FlickrMusic is my overall winner, and the service I recommend to use. If something changes, or someone creates a new top service, I will let you know.

Flickr Music official website is:  http://www.flickrmusic.com