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September 23, 2009


I haven't meet a kid who  wear this Emo-like Mop-top haircuts like that Jonas Brother I hate.They try to flashback to the Beatles with more efeminate look.I guess Jared Leto has that look,maybe.That's why I think Kim is a genius when she goofs on him.I ran into this brat who was laying down on the bench like it's his sofa at home.I limped off in pain calling him,"A dumb muthafucker!" He moved over and wanted me to thank for acting like a normal being.I stared him down like he's raw meat and I'm a hungry pitbull that ain't eat nothing in 5 days.Didn't haffa to my Manson 1000 miles stare at him.I have a whole gallery of different staredowns.Luck for him,this was before I got my cane.I'm the Cane Kung Fu master.I'm Mister Misanthropic.I'm the national chairman of the Young Curmudgeon of America.Only thing because I'm in the program I can't stay angry anymore. I get angry like everybody else,write a blog or some comedy material,vent,rant,rave and forget about in 2 minutes.More to come about anti-skater punks cause "Time for me running low.".I couldn't help quoting from an Iron Maiden song.