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November 24, 2009


I love it when people ask me a question without thinking. 

Earlier, somebody asked me if we, meaning the Filipinos, celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines. 

I replied as a matter of factly:

“If the Mayflower did stop at one of the islands in the Philippines instead of Plymouth Rock, the natives would probably have killed the pilgrims.  Just like what they did to Ferdinand Magellan.  The natives would have probably cooked them and thank the Christian God that the famine is over.  And from then on, we, the Filipinos now celebrate Thanskgiving every year with a pilgrim on a stick with yams and corn on the side.”

For one second, the person who asked the dumb question looked stricken at my response.  Well, that’s what you get for asking that question.  Besides you don’t see it marked any where on the calendar, Thanksgiving (Philippines) ~ well, maybe in the Mayan calendar which will end in 2012 anyway.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday everyone.  Please do enjoy your turkey as much as I will enjoy my pilgrim on a stick.

NOTE: While primarily Americans and Canadians celebrate the Thanksgiving Day holiday, it has spilled over into other countries and societies and I believe this has happened due to the prolonged contact with those countries. I can't be sure that's exactly the reason why other cultures celebrate Thanksgiving Day — I consider it an educated guess. Regardless, what started out as a religious holiday is now considered a secular holiday as well.