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Published: July 08, 2008
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Sexual Theme Park

Last year, a "sexual theme park" opened in London's Piccadilly Circus, which its sponsors hope will dispel notions of sexuality as somehow dirty or unhealthy.

Here are a list of rides currently operating at the park:

"The Matterhorny"

"The Panty Raids of the Caribbean"

"Water Sports Arena"

"Face Mountain"

 "The Wild D-Cup Ride."

"Sexual Boundaries Frontierland"

"Gash Mountain"

"Finding Cha-Cha Submarine Ride"

"The House of Shoe Mirrors"

"The Flying Coochie Ride"

"The Rockin' Tug"

"The Zero G-String Ride"

The "Everybody's Family" Treehouse

"The Magical Carousel of Polyamory"

"Will You Love Me Tomorrowland"

"Glass Bottom Boat"

"The Enchanted Peter"

"The Great 90 Degree Muff Dive"

And the multicultural excursion, "A Thai Hooker Gave Me A 'Round-the-World' After All."

From Eric Rasmussen's blog:


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