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January 28, 2011

What is bambo? Smack, bank, crash. Clatter of flack and clinker. Shaggle snackered snicket tree. Bambo alarm? Nambo.

Bambo clack, bounce flat true thunder. Holy hoop. Short perround. Knick knack table dogleg, click on, wabshot. Bagnor, bangor, oangro, slot. Fullment narc? Quite so, quite so. Jiggle joggle wastway hunterton, murshalt prumiant wisdom gribbler. Is bambo queirescent? Does molten harp vurgious emollient grease skin?

I went to the doctor. What did he say? Tell me, I've forgotten. you know it all, don't you? Don't you? Well why did you say you did? Are you calling me a liar? You bleed the same as I do. The floor seems too hard now doesn't it? Oh, it doesn't. You're that hard are you? Put it away, they'll all want one. Even if they've got one already.

Perhaps we're all dead and this is heaven. God is hiding round the corner, and when you come, he runs away laughing. You shop in a supermarket but you still have to pay. Are there clothes in heaven? Are there jobs? Do you really spend all eternity standing pressed against naked old people with no money? Will you be able to understand what other people say, or is babble truly religious? millions of dead naked souls all unable to understand what the others are saying. There is no money in heaven. Is there pleasure? How can you have pleasure without desire? Surely there is no desire in heaven?
Shut in with millions of others for all eternity, shuffling around naked, no money, no talking, no clothes, no guns, no animals, no scenery, no possessions. Sounds like a treat.

Breakfast cereals. Milk. Bowls. Cows. Cowshit. Bacteria. Plague.