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March 21, 2008


Gee, shows how much I know! I have a blog going on MySpace and Blogger, so maybe it's time I get it going here too!

I happen to LOVE FOD, and I'm very happy I uploaded my videos here. We got featured this week on "Web TV Hub," some kind of internet magazine. Hoping it will increase the views a bit.

We're shooting Episode 4 this weekend (at least I hope we are). As a lot of you guys know, we were forced to move from our apartment, so we've had a difficult time shooting videos since January. However, we're getting back up to speed now.

Did I mention how Tom Patrick Stephens, who guest starred in Episode 1 of my webseries, was just featured off-Broadway at the Atlantic Theater Company? He got to act opposite Emily Mortimer. So friggin' cool.

Kind of hard for me to think very 'funny' right now. Sorry. Were you expecting a laugh out loud, knee-slapper of a blog? I could seek retribution on someone.....oh! There is this asshole who I really hate who apparently left NY and lives out west somewhere. Total prick who tortured me. Well, if you're reading this, asshole, you can bet I'll create an episode dedicated to you real soon.

By the way, Rachael Harris, you're my hero. Will you marry me? - steph