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October 28, 2014

Laughing at what happens.


Toronto Crack City:
Scandal-ridden and crack-addicted former mayor of Toronto Rob Ford was elected to a City Council seat, while his brother Doug Ford lost his campaign to take his brother’s former mayoral title. That Doug. Always the screwup in the Ford family.


Mail Monitoring:
The United States Postal Service revealed that last year it approved 50,000 requests from law enforcement to secretly monitor the mail of American citizens. Among the crucial information gathered is that Tyler is the best grandson in the whole world, and that he shouldn’t spend the entire $10 on candy.


Australia Fears:
Giving in to Ebola fears, Australia banned travelers from West Africa. The Prime Minister said the measure was necessary to protect the country’s many deadly spiders, snakes, jellyfish and sharks from Ebola.


Riggin’ True Detective:
Taylor Kitsch, the actor who played Tim Riggins on the popular “Friday Night Lights” TV show, is confirmed to star in the next season of True Detective alongside previously announced Colin Farrell. HBO execs said they are confident they have finally secured the tween girl demographic most likely to also be murder victims on the show.

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Gender Pay Gap:
A new global study on the gender pay gap found that there is no country in the world where a woman makes the same as a man for doing the same job. The U.S. ranks 65th in terms of gender payment equality with women making 66% the salary of men for doing the same job. Even in top ranked Norway women are only paid 80% the same as men. The World Economic Forum, the organization that conducted the study, declined to reveal how much their female researchers were paid when compared to their male counterparts.