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April 07, 2011

ripped off Scrooge Mcduck

i went with two of my close friends, Gene Evans and T.C., to see the film Inception starring Dicaprio, Ellen Page and the kid from 3rd rock from the sun.

This movie was garbage, but the entire country can't see it and, as unlikely as it seems, was entirly ripped off of a Scrooge McDuck Comic book. i swear to god, but i'll get to that in a minute. Christopher Nolan’s style shines through and alot of the time you are waiting for Batman to show up, because this movie fits in with the same notions that were put forth by Batman R.I.P. by Grant Morrison. And altough i fucking hated this movie, i do have to admitt that the effects are fascinating. awesome effects.

The premise of the film is that they’re stealing identities through dreams. im gonna spoill the plot so brace yourself.

So Dicaprio plays this guy who's dad invented this machine in which an individual's mind is infiltrated through dreams and information is stolen. Extracted. Extractors and their victims have to sleep in close proximity to one another, connected by the machine that administers a sedative and a shared dream world built on their mental projections. So atm codes and vault codes and any personal info anyone would like to steal, these guys can do it, in a dream.

If the dreamer realizes that a someone has entered his or her subconscious, then the projections will start to try to capture and kill the extracters. This leads to Decaprio explaining a set of rules that extractors take to prevent themselves from becoming lost in the dream world, such as a "totem", an individualized object carried by extractors in order to tell when they are dreaming.

but, every plan is interuppted by a made up "image" of his (Dicaprio's) deceased wife created by his subconciousness. so everytime they get close to something, the fake wife, mel or mal, shows up and fucks everything up.

and thats the movie, they go into this english guy's mind to find the combination to a fake safe, which is english guy's "locked up" secert memory, so they can create an inception, to do something that they never really explain.

everything is cliche', the action scenes, the dialoge, the humor. People that complain about “talking heads” or the wordiness of the American version of The Office, will hate this film. This movie has a lot of closely spoken dialogue that fuels the plot and the rest of the film. if you don’t hear it, youll completely miss the reasoning and plot development of the characters.

One idea in the movie transferred into real life. When your in a dream, it seems longer than real time. 10 minutes turns into two hours or whatever. Well, 2 and a half hours in that theater felt like 5. i HATED the final scene. I Hate it when the directer ends a movie with a question for the audience to answer themselves. was this all a dream, go fuck yourself Christopher Nolan.

tonight i found out Nolan stole this idea From a 1950's scrooge McDuck comic book in which thieves, the Beagle Brothers, invade Scrooge McDuck's dreams to steal the combinations to his vault. In the original comic from which Christopher Nolan straight up stole his idea, Scrooge McDuck’s totem is a 25-pound bar of solid gold. Below is a link to the 26 page comic. see the movie then read the comic.