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August 10, 2015

A woman ran the London marathon while on her period and decided to not use a tampon or pad and just bleed freely. Some people are freaking out about it. We are just freaking out that people run marathons.

Kiran Gandhi completed the London marathon this past April and did so while on her period. That alone didn’t garner any attention,except that she did so without a pad or a tampon. This resulted in her running leggings being stained by her menstrual blood, which has many people talking.

Gandhi is a Harvard graduate who toured as a drummer with M.I.A. while in school. In a blog post she wrote about the experience, she said, “I decided to just to take some Midol, hope I wouldn’t cramp, bleed freely and just run.” She added, “A marathon in itself is a centuries-old symbolic act. Why not use it as a means to draw light to my sisters who don’t have access to tampons and, despite cramping and pain, hide it away like it doesn’t exist?”

Of course, when a woman takes autonomy over her own body, the masses are bound to react, and react they did. A lot of people supported Gandhi’s decision to run freely, but there was definitely a voice of dissent making themselves loud and clear.

Yo for real, though, if I can be honest with you all for a second, there is nothing gross about bleeding through your pants. Ask any chick and it’s happened to them in the past year. Bet. Sometimes your flow is mad heavy and just leaks or often your pad of tampon shifts and things get a little messy. All you gotta do is buy a new pack of undies at H&M, change in the dressing room, toss the spoiled ones in the bag the news ones came in, and dispose in an outdoor trashcan. I am willing to bet every corner trashcan in every major city has underwear in it.

What’s fucking nasty and offensive, though, is running 26 miles and some change for fun. That is literally fucked up and should not be tolerated.

Did you know that the first person who ran a marathon died? He dropped dead immediately. He didn’t even have the chance to put a sticker on his car. Also, marathoners regularly shit and pee their pants, making it arguably just as gross if not grosser than menstrual blood-stained leggings.

Now there’s nothing wrong with working out and staying fit. Feeling good about yourself is dope as hell. But keep that shit to 10 miles max. The fuck you running 26 miles for? Is someone chasing you? To all the people out there who cannot motivate themselves to make it to the gym after work and the thought of waking up early to be physically active repulses them — running a marathon is an assault to their livelihood.

If you agree that marathoning and all the bullshit that comes with finishing a race is distasteful, join us like-minded individuals in our protest where we sit on the couch eating kettle-cooked chips and watching Netflix. Coincidentally, this is also what we would be doing if we were on our periods.