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June 17, 2008


don't know if this is just a Europe thing or a Spain thing....but they are loving being green.

The first thing I discovered upon entering this country is that there are no dryers. Washing machines, yes. But dryers, no. They take full advantage of the sunlight. Here's the fun part...SOMETIMES IT RAINS. (It is raining right now, in fact.) You'd think they'd have realized that. In fact, for the 3 weeks prior to my arrival, they said it had been raining non-stop...which makes me wonder if the Spaniards went without clean clothing for 3 weeks. I mean, its a legitimate question, don't you think. I did my laundry yesterday and now all of my clothes that I washed, although freshly scented, our a tid-bit crisssspaaaaaaay. Especially the jeans. When asked why they do not use dryers, they have no answer other than they are energy cautious... Respectable.

If the dryer thing isn't bad enough.....we have the air condition situation. The air condition will only come on if alllllllllll of the doors and windows are locked. PROBLEM IS....THEY ARE SO OLD YOU CAN'T GET THEM LOCKED. Or in hotels, the locks are broken intentionally so you CAN'T use the air conditioning. They have this energy conservation thing down.

Now to my personal favorite of the European Green Plan. In a lot of the hotels, you must insert your room key to get the lights turn on. (Don't forget to remove it on your way out the door, you will get locked out.) So if you need to get the lights to turn off at night because you can't figure out how to get the dang things shut off (this happened to us), you can simply take the key out. BUT IF YOU WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF NIGHT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PEE.....BEWARE. THE LIGHTS AREN'T GOING TO TURN ON.

Not only do they have the lights monitored in hotels...but restaurant bathrooms. On more than two occasions, I have been sitting on a toilet only for the lights to shut off. What in the world? Are they on a timer? Do they take surveys to find out how long the average person pees because I guess I pee longer than the average person because I've been sitting there and it shuts off, I'll turn it back on and it will shut off again. One time, the lights shut off and the switch was out of reach. COOL! I had to finish using the restroom in the dark. I had to fumble around for the toilet paper for a while before finding.

I'm all about being green....but give me my dryer and my light while I'm on the pot.