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December 06, 2011


  1. Tattoos that require a story to explain
  2. Walking in freshly cut grass
  3. Socks that are slightly too big
  4. The word "ladle"
  5. Old Navy jeans
  6. The End of Every Final Destination movie
  7. Facebook recommendations of ex-girlfriends
  8. Commercials where grown men get advice from Santa
  9. Harrison Ford's knuckles
  10. Arby-Q Sauce
  11. C Batteries
  12. Guys who cover Jack Johnson's songs
  13. That weird horn sound at the beginning of all of Drake's songs
  14. Drake's songs
  15. Short sleeved polo shirts
  16. Soup & bread as a meal
  17. The BCS system
  18. People who try to explain the BCS system
  19. Ross Gellar's hair evolution
  20. The laughter on a radio morning show
  21. Sweatshirts with the name of a state on them
  22. Every villan in Die Hard 2
  23. Looking at pictures I'm not in
  24. Looking at pictures I'm in
  25. Baby clothes that portray animals doing mundane human tasks
  26. Jon Voight's accent on 'Anaconda'
  27. Hardware stores
  28. Closing my eyes before receiving a gift
  29. Trash bags without pull strings
  30. Listening to Mike Wilbon talk about Lebron James
  31. The iPhone autocorrect of "Thr"
  32. The Pittsburgh Steelers
  33. Sultry covers of the song "Santa Baby"
  34. The sound of fluorescent lights
  35. Edited for TV Judd Apatow movies
  36. Maps of Miami, Florida
  37. People who read birthday cards aloud
  38. The thought of Robin Williams in a rom-com
  39. August
  40. When the guy on 'River Monsters' smiles
  41. Any food that's described as savory
  42. The tall guy on the Saved by the Bell Malibu Sands volleyball tournament episode
  43. Honey badger impressions
  44. Any Teddy Graham that isn't chocolate
  45. Adults who don't have kids but attend high school sports
  46. Airbrushed t-shirts
  47. Thyme
  48. Collective Soul mix tapes
  49. The phrase "up to snuff"
  50. Applebee's Riblet Platter