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April 04, 2008


Well, the next video is done, but there seems to be a malfunction in the uploader or in my browser (I'm checking that). So for I don't want you to wait: My next poem! I wrote it one day after the last poem (from Goethe 2.0)



I wandered around on a beautiful day

The sun was shining, everybody was gay.

I climbed up a hill, glanced down at the ground,

When I heard just behind me, a beautiful sound.

There where cuddly pink creatures, with hearts on their belly,

It seemed those cuddly pink cuties, did hide in this valley.

They had cuddly pink fur and cuddly pink legs,

Also cuddly pink arms and cuddly pink necks.

They had cuddly sharp teeth and cuddly sharp nails,

Produced cuddly pink slime, like cuddly pink snails,

They carried cuddly pink guns, with tons of pink ammo,

I decided to take, a cuddly pink photo.

But they were afraid of my cuddly pink flash,

And they’re cuddly pink skin, got a bloody red rash,

So they fired their pink guns, on my cuddly pink skin,

Those cuddly pink killers, with cuddly pink grin.