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January 20, 2010


I am a regular customer of your establishment. I often find myself enjoying delicious, authentic, and most importantly inexpensive food, and being treated to some of the best service I’ve ever experienced from a fast food restaurant. That is why I was SOOOOO incredibly disappointed by my Taco Bell Experience last Thursday past. 


I was feeling a hunger that couldn’t be quenched by normal means, so I pulled into the taco bell drive thru of store #TB02793. I noticed there were already several cars in front of me, but I wasn’t surprised. I thought, “This must be one heck of a taco bell! I bet I’m about to receive great food that’s reasonably priced and served quickly and efficiently with a smile. And I bet I won’t get the wrong food!” I could not have been more wrong. Please note the italics I used on the word “more” in the last sentence. I hope you understand the importance I am trying to put on that word. If you still don’t get it, just know that I could not have been MORE wrong (get it now?).


It was several minutes before I was able to pull up to the speaker to announce my order: 2 Grilled Stuft Beef Burritos, and a large Diet Pepsi. The woman who took my order was nice, and she instructed me as to what I should pay ($8.04) and where (2nd window). It had been a lengthy wait, but I was sure that now that my order had been placed, the ball would get rolling. I could not have been more wrong. Again! After more than 20 minutes, I was finally able to pay, and receive my order. But in my overwhelmingly impatient state I drove away before noticing several very important things. Thing 1: I did not receive two Grilled Stuft Beef Burritos, but rather one Grilled Stuft Beef Burrito and one Burrito Supreme. Thing 2: there were no sauce packets in the bag. I thought that with the over 20 MINUTE WAIT she could’ve put some sauce in the bag, but no, not even that.  


And if all that wasn’t enough, the incredibly long wait took so incredibly long that I missed the incredible birth of my incredible child. I thought that if my wife was only 4 centimeters dilated I would have time to stop for some fast food. I even had my wife put the doctor on, and HE said that I should have enough time, although he was a little uppity about it. Apparently, we all thought there was no way “fast” food could be so slow.


Needless to say, I’m outraged. How could they even confuse a Grilled Stuft Beef Burrito with a Burrito Supreme? One’s grilled, and one isn’t! And sauce packets??? Just throw a couple in there! C’mon! And I missed my baby being born. That sucks!


If you would like to continue to have me as a customer, I suggest you find a way to repair the severe emotional damage you’ve put me through. Otherwise, I’ll be naming my daughter Wendy Arby Katzenstein.

Please hurry.

Mike Katzenstein