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December 27, 2009


Yep its NewYears time again. Another click closer to deaths door for all of us. A time of year that we invitory our life and realize suicide would have been practicle 6 or 7 years ago but not quite vouge enough for 2010.  So we trudge. Hope abounds in many that this new year is going to usher in a new twist that somehow is going to make our lives abundant, meaningfull and somehow different than the last several years that have gone through our fingers like ride tickets at the county fair. So we resolve. We resolve again and again and again and again. I do anyway. Its like a bet I make with myself, win-win. Like Masterbation. (this is were you pretend to not know what I am talking about.) 
 Yes- the dreaded New Years resolution. lest see, oh last year was that I was going to join a gym. Did that- This year I think I should vow to go to said gym at least three times a week. I should have written that in last year but I can stand only so much hi-hope phylosophy in my life at one time.
The gym, healthy lifestyle choices like eating right and exercise. I don't want to pledge vegan because I can't do it I know I cant. I do want to pledge heavy vegan tendencys with minimum carbohydrate abuse.
Not Vegan for animal sake, no thats not what I'm talking about. I'm talking more around the lines of - Ok Fat slob-nothing but veggies for your waddling thighs untill you can actually see your nut sack while standing. That kind of Vegan. Not Hitler Vegan at all, because I am not a racist, just a boarderline traffic biggot. Any way....... I digress. So my New New Years Resolution is that I get serious on health, with  health and for health. Not weight loss, Health and that I see my nuts before Christmas next year. Thats alot I know and I have failed before so if the old saying is true-that the more times you try to reach a goal the more likely you are of achieving it- then this year is the year. At least until suicide comes back in fashion. Who knows when that will happen, I watch the gossip but then again Scottish buttondown caps just got back in fashion so it could be a while.So I am going to keep making vids (even though everyone around me tell me I am stupid for doing it and am embarassing my self) and I am going to sit down this year and write that damn screenplay complete. All this while working on my New Years Resolution.
Well I showed you mine.......Show me yours. Share please.