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February 13, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #16

Introducing "Hoppy's Happy Birthday starrring WILLIAM BOYD"

11. There isn't enough men wearing Ascot's these days
10. Until it's 'Bozo Approved', it's not a party! It's just a sad disguise for the sickness formerly known as 'loving kids' when you're male, single, and over 18.
9. "California" is the stool-pusher in the neckerchief. "Lucky" is a deaf mute...lucky indeed.
8. Recorded At Charles Nelson Reilly Studios
7. Well, folks, why don't we have some of this gosh darn tasty lookin' cake and then pair up and ride the baloney pony for a spell?
6. Hoppy's prison name is "Bottom"
5. Who wears a gun to a birthday party?
4. Featuring the hit single..."You left your ascot on my Ass Cot"
and "Excuse me, would have any Gray Pubes On?"
3. you know what Bozo also approved of? BEING NAMED "BOZO"
2. Partys Over Kids, time to get back in your cage!

1. Those were the days when Gay meant Happy ,but what did Happy mean back then.........Oh dear