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September 13, 2008



I have been in this country many years over half century

I have seen lot, some I understood, some I did not and some

I never will understand.

We been preached that justice is equal for all! I am Sorry but

that is one lie I can not condone.

Our Government does one thing and saying other.

Yes old Indian American Indian was absolutely right when

When they stated that white man speaks with two tongs.

Our Government?

Keep telling us how much they want to help small individual business.

Have any one “EVER” heard that State or on Federal level has bail

out small business from bankruptcy, instead they have actually put the

people into bankruptcy “you paid the tax” or your house In which

living is taking and you are out on street.

However our Legislature bends over to help Millioners

Why ? You be the Judge.

State of NJ has bail out ENCAP and now XZANDU in Billions.

With the money that they collect from small individual business

Illegally and unfairly, that is OK since we don’t donate

Thousands of dollars to politicians for they extra curricular activity

USA supposedly now bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Please don’t get me wrong I am all for bail them out but?

First everything that they own must be used as collateral.

This people Top Management, Owners, CEOs they must be

Brought down on ground level with blue-collar worker.

No Limos, no Yachts, no Royal Royce, no gifts to sibling in

Thousands or millions no houses and apartments world wide

You get one reasonable house to live in that is all “That is Justice”

Now you get bell out, but that will not happen because our

Corrupted legislators covering them self.

That is my Opinion Thank you

A. K. Seput