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April 06, 2012

Jesus helped the world celebrate Good Friday today by emerging from his tomb to predict how many more days of Spring are left.


Nazareth, Israel (HAHAJK) — It was a day of celebration in Nazareth today as Christians around the world celebrated Good

Jesus is held up by a member of the Inner Circle for pictures

Friday in hopes that Jesus would rise from the dead and help forecast how many weeks of Spring were left. Pomp and circumstance surrounded the Son of God’s tomb in wait for him to rise from the dead as he does every year, and hopefully see his shadow, to let us all know how many more weeks of Spring there would be.

As the rock was moved from the entrance to Christ’s tomb a hush took over the crowd. Moments later Jesus emerged and said, “Oh  man, I need some water, I am real thirsty…hey is that my shadow?” The crowd erupted into cheers as Jesus signaled there would only be six more weeks until Summer would start and it would be beach, fun, and sun for everyone.

Jesus was held up for picture opportunities by members of the Nazareth based Inner Circle group who hold the event every year sporting black top hats and tuxedos.

One member spoke to HAHAJK and said, “We are all truly blessed today and I hope every one has a Happy Easter, or a matzo filled Passover, whatever you celebrate, have a good one!”