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October 30, 2009


Many are unaware of diverticulosis because it doesn’t cause discomfort and pain to the person. This disease starts with a small pouch that bulge outward the large intestine or colon. Every single pouch is called diveticulum and multiple pouches are called diverticula. People that have these pouches in their colon have diverticulosis. It is said that age has a big role on having this condition. A person that is on their 40’s to 60 has a higher risk to have this condition this. A diet that is low in fiber is the primary cause of diverticulosis. Diverticula are most seen in the lower part of the colon or sigmoid colon.
Though this condition doesn’t show any symptom, a person that has diverticulosis may experience bloating, cramping and constipation. Eating a fiber rich food can help you on relieving the symptoms. If the pouches get infected or inflamed, may result in diverticulitis.

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