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April 21, 2010


I had lunch today on the patio of Tropical Smoothie Cafe.  I was relaxing, catching some sun rays and catching up on twitter and facebook.  There were four other tables of people all sitting there quietly probably doing the same thing I was doing.  Then we all watched two women jump out of a red Ford Focus which they left sitting in the main strip mall lane right behind a speed bump stop sign combo.  We all thought they were probably just picking something up  and would be back in a jiffy to drive off, but they didn't and they weren't.  These two ladies apparently thought they had found a sweet parking spot. So Edina of them, for those of you who have loved and adored BBC's Absolutely Fabulous!  We watched them leave after getting smoothies and WALK down the sidewalk to go tanning.  We then turned our attention back to the little red focus who by now has almost been hit about four times  and been called several profane names as the other drivers don't realize the car is actually parked.  Needless to say, all of us lonely lunch ladies and gents started making comments one by one about the idiots from the red car.  Those comments led to laughs, which led to conversations and before you know it, the silent patio goers are having a rip roaring good time getting to know each other all because one person, albeit a very stupid person, decided to be 100% themselves and it gave us all something to talk about.

A similar situation happened last week at another patio, The Happy Mexican, to be exact.  The little patio was packed full of people all enjoying food, drinks, and the Memphis sunset.  There was absolutely no intermingling of the tables until a guy showed up who made it his business to say something funny and outlandish about one person at each table.  This created a little friendly banter between the tables.  Not too long after, a bus full of spoiled rich kids pulled up to the patio.  It was almost dark and the lights were on in the bus so we could see everything that was happening inside.  Let's just say there was something going on between two passengers in the back of the bus that caused the same guy to start yelling "kill the lights" at the bus driver.  This got the attention of the rest of the passengers and dude decided to get everyone to give the guy in the  back of the bus a standing ovation  upon his exit.  Needless to say after that hooplah, our table got to know everyone on the patio and everyone on the bus.  Another otherwise uneventful night turned crazy fun full and full of new people all because one person decided they were going to have some fun that night.

This begs the question: Why do we humans have to wait for something stupid to happen or someone funny to show up and get us to actually socialize with each other?  We, humans, complain about wanting to meet new people, complain about how we don't have enough friends, complain about how we get bored so easily, but the answer is always right in front of us.  It's all the people we see every single solitary day and for whatever reason never try to strike up a conversation!     "God made you to be you for a reason, so be 100% you , 100% of  the time." :)