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July 13, 2016

Wow, this brave waiter improvised a whole specials list. Give him his own comedy central show!

Under pressure waiter makes up specials on the spot

Approaching table W4 Saturday night at The Great Dane, local waiter Darren Peters was reportedly irritated after being asked “what the special was” for that given evening.

“They specifically asked for the specials without me even offering to list them off,” Peters said. “Like, who does that? I mean, it’s not that I shouldn’t know the specials, that is my job. Never the less, I was completely thrown off by their request.”

It was noted Peters turned bright red as a single drop of sweat fell from his forehead after being asked.

“In that moment I had no recollection of any specials we have ever had. My many years of training did not prepare me for this moment. My psyche was a blank slate. As my life flashed before my eyes, I could only think of my family and the blue lava lamp I had as a child. After the few seconds that seemed like an eternity, the only words I could muster were: ‘Kansas Cod’. Can you even find cod in Kansas?”

The Maryland Cod was an unexpected hit with the group. Each member of the group ordered said cod, without realizing the implications. Mother and area telemarketer Tammi Wilcott said the special sounded almost too good to be true.

“I have never order a chef’s special before, but Kansas Cod? Where’s Toto? I must be dreaming!”

Peters said he was still unable to come to terms with this table’s genuine interest in the special.

“I didn’t think people actually ordered specials, you know? And even when a table is offered the special, it’s not like they’re even listening!

What Wilcott ordered was particularly puzzling for Peters.

“I just have no clue why they would order fish at a burger joint anyway.”