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December 30, 2009


By hiring a New Jersey cleaning services to spruce up your home before you decorate for the holidays, you'll save yourself time and frustration You've just wrapped up the last piece of apple pie from Thanksgiving and transformed the final scraps of turkey into a tasty soup. Then, an intense wave of candy red and pine green floods your television and everywhere you turn, you hear the jingling of sleigh bells. In the blink of an eye, it's time to start decorating for the holiday season and it can be a bit overwhelming. Between Black Friday sales at the mall and stringing up colorful lights around the house, it's all too easy to forget a few important steps before the holiday season arrives. One of the biggest things people often forget: cleaning your house before you cover it with delicate, festive decorations. Why not hire cleaning services to scrub your home before you buy a tree and add your own seasonal touch? Cleaning companies are a great way to get your home in top shape for the winter holidays. They will dust your shelves before you place your favorite ornaments on them. Maid service will also polish all wood surfaces in your home so they are sparkling when your guests arrive for parties. Whether you're hosting a party just one night or every night of the month, give yourself a present by hiring housekeeping to take out your garbage, empty your ashtrays and vacuum up any crumbs from the carpet. Cleaning before you decorate is important and that too done by a cleaning company. First, it makes sure that any dust or other residue is removed before clean objects that could get dirty are laid out. Second, by hiring cleaning services, you know that your entire home will be perfectly clean and that you'll only have to do minor touch-ups from time to time during the busiest season of the year. Third, you risk knocking over and breaking any decorations once they're already in place if you try to clean around them. Cleaning company will make sure that your decorations are safe. Holiday housecleaning Tips from MaidForMommy.com
  • Dust and polish areas where you'll be displaying holiday trinkets before you set them out.
  • Thoroughly clean the wall behind your Christmas tree before you bring it the house. This will keep you from straining by reaching around the branches to wash the walls.
  • To clean a dusty fireplace, place damp used tea leaves over the ashes before removing them.
  • Carry an extra soft paintbrush while you place ornaments and decorations. If you see some dust or cobwebs, take care of them right away!
Hire a quality New Jersey cleaning services like Maid for Mommy to save you time! If you are hiring a maid service from housekeeping company, it is important to know how long they have been in business, ask for referrals of current clients, and whether or not their maid services are insured and bonded. Many residential cleaning services aren't bonded, which means that if a maid from any maid service decides to steal something, YOU are the one who has to handle the situation. We're bonded, so if anything happens (and we doubt it would), we're going to look out for you. Has the housekeeping agency performed background checks on its maids? While hiring a maid service company for the jobs you want to get done, the next step is the cost that you have to pay for the cleaning services. Is that within your budget or not. Its' obvious that the more cleaning you need done for your home, the more the service will cost. The most important areas to ask your maid service to focus on are the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms. These are the places most visited by guests during holiday parties and it is important that cleaning companies make sure they are spotless. Also ask your prospective cleaning companies if they offer discounts for small touch-up jobs throughout the month or if they offer a holiday promotion. You'll want to make sure housekeeping visits the home after each party to take care of any spills, crumbs or other grime. For guest bedrooms, have a quality New Jersey cleaning services like Maid for Mommy take care of freshening the linens, laundering the draperies, and dusting all of the furniture. It's best to have housekeeping services visit no more than one day before your guests arrive in town. It will make them feel comfortable, almost as though they are checking into a luxurious hotel. During the holiday season, you may notice stray pine needles falling from the tree and candle drippings accumulating on your tabletops. Ask your cleaning services company to take care of these issues so that you can continue entertaining without worries. Most cleaning companies have professional treatments for these types of seasonal messes that won't ruin your furniture or carpeting. Finally, if you're looking for a great gift for the housewife who has everything, why not treat her to a month or two of maid services? She'll enjoy spending more time with her family during the holiday season instead of rushing around doing the housekeeping. A professional New Jersey cleaning services like Maid for Mommy is the perfect gift for friends, parents, coworkers, siblings and all of the people you care about this holiday season.