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June 16, 2009



From the ASK NICOLE Series at www.toromagazine.com



Nicole, loved your JETER SUCKS A-ROD shirt!  I laughed so hard when I saw it.  Now my question, why the hell do girls play hard to get?

Kevin Klaus, Boston

Via Myspace


Hi Kevin, ok first I’d like to comment on my JETER SUCKS A-ROD shirt, that by the way, I had specially made. J  Jeter…does not suck.  He is a great baseball player, but, he has turned himself into the athlete equivalent of the evil black knight at Medieval Times and therefore you must boo him.  Do him and A-Rod have gay man sex in the Yankee dressing room?  I can only dream, but again, he’s a great ball player, I’ve got mad respect for people who are great at what they do, and with sports unlike entertainment, I think heckling is part of the game.


Now, what boils my blood other than liquid magma?  When girls play stupid games, then call guys assholes when they don’t play by their rules.


For example, my friend was telling me that she’s playing hard to get with this guy she likes and I must call non-sense on that.  Where did women learn this hard to get crap?  Not when we were kids that’s for sure.


When we were kids, If we wanted a cookie, we ate a friggin cookie!  We didn’t eye it, kinda dance slutty in a lesbo fashion with our friends in front of it for a while, nibble on other cookies to make it jealous, and when we finally went to eat it be like.,  “I’m sure you’re a really nice Fudgee-O, but I’m not sure I’m over this thing I had with a doughnut who treated me like shit not too long ago.” 


Hard to get is stupid.  The guys know you are playing it, and incase you didn’t know… while you’re making him chase you, he’s doing a bunch of girls who aren’t playing anything but the skin flute.


Wow, some how I managed to bring it back to sucking.

Go Jays Go!


Thanks for writing Kevin,

Keep Laughin’

Nicole xoxo