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January 24, 2009


Jessicaligula writes:

Great job everyone!

1st goes to LeatherShorts for:
This is how we play
If you want to stay up late
SpongeBob will be proud

2nd goes to Borrowed Time for:
Cartoons are boring
Bud Time with dad is more fun
Daddy's little drunk

3rd goes to narado for:
Daddy raised me well
Taught me many life lessons
I grew up to strip
Nice job, LeatherShorts. You are once again the master and commander. For all the folks out there who were disturbed by what yesterday's little girl likes to do in her free time, just wait until you see what this kid does.

Just a heads up: Tomorrow will be a special limerick challenge. We'll take a break fromĀ  haikus for the day and see if we can be as funny in five lines as we can in three. For those who don't know what a limerick is, go here. I'll remind you tomorrow, but make sure you get your haiku fix in today while you can.