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December 16, 2009


"Typical" is not a word coined for me on most days.  I hear lots of descriptions I would deem more appropriate (banshee, Bitch, brazen hussy), but the one area I can be a "typical" woman is how I make excuses for someone just because I love them.  
In a fair world, I would make excuses for a man because HE loves ME and not vice versa.  Also, in a more idealistic world, I would recognize that men make enough excuses for themselves and don't really need any help...actually, they kind of do.  Men make these really lame excuses and women correct them and give them BETTER excuses for some reason, at least I do.  It's even worse when a man doesn't even care enough to make an excuse, so the frustrated woman seeking some sort of apology just goes ahead and makes something up to make it palatable.
I think that the moment you stop making excuses for another person is when you find true love.  You don't have to make excuses because they do the right thing. The just cough it up, tell the truth and everyone can move on.  I think omission is such a Bastard sin, because 1)it's cowardly as Hell and 2)it leaves everything wide open to interpretation. 

So, be a man (not a TYPICAL man, but a REAL man), and just SAY it or WRITE it and stop waiting for me to come up with the ideal excuse/revelation so you can feel less guilty about doing exactly what you wanted to fucking do without any remorse except that I might be angry at you.  Who the fuck cares if I'm angry at you or not?  Put on your big boy pants and lets do this! 

You know who you are.