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August 04, 2008


I've come to the end of me. The home I've found in forums has colapsed. And now, I'm out on a ledge ready to jump.

You see, lately, the forums have disintegrated into complete chaos and, quite frankly, just plain retardedness. Despite a few noble warriors who have tried to keep the threads alive, it has become a meeting place of the lowest common denominator. The moronic teenybobber uprising has led me to the decision to stop posting there. Seriously, if I wanted to be a part of some uninsightful discussion on such topics as: lap-dancing, girls kissing, and the ever popular "cream debate", I would have joined myspace.

You're probably wondering why I'm blogging this. Well, I figured, if I'm quitting cold turkey, I might as well go down in a blaze of glory. So here it goes.

1. Piffany:

       I swear to god, you might be the dumbest 16 year old I've ever encountered. You don't need to type lol and jk every single time you post something, we get it. And you don't have to post something in every forum. Try having some actual input when you post.

       It's hilarious that someone else calls you a hooker and I'm the one you get mad at. I swear, I laughed for an hour after that.

       And, just so you know, it is a far worse thing for you to pretend to be a slut than for you to actually be a slut.

       Most importantly, I'm sorry that your parents don't care enough about you that they would show an interest in what you do on the computer. I know you're a lonely girl and for that, I am truely sorry. Maybe you can try joining a gang or something.

2. Lili18

      You are a bat-shit crazy, closet racist. The depths of your unfunnyness are without bottom and your incoherent ramblings have wasted far more of my time than I can reasonably justify. Seek medical help!

3. JediMasterCheryl

      WTF. OK, we get it, your working on your doctorate. Just goes to show, there's a difference between smart and intellegent. You are also bat-shit crazy.

4. Ryan George

      I don't have anything mean to say to you, you don't like me for some reason and that's OK. I still think you're very smart and very funny.

5. Dave McBrayer

     You don't like me either, so suck it McBrayer. Viva la revolucion!

6. Shaughn72, RandomWhiteGuy, Arch Enemy

     You guys are funny and I always enjoyed your postings. Keep up the funny, someone has to.

7. Amy4birds

      What can I say to you, I think you're insanely talented and funny. Maybe you'll lose respect for me after this blog but some of this shit needs to be said. I'm on a ledge here and the alternative is jumping. I think you might understand how I feel though, I hope so.

8. John and Nicky Lip

     I think I'll miss you most of all. Keep the torch burning boys. I'll surely miss all of the butt raping, bodily disfiguration, murder, torture, and animal sodomy that you corrupted me into. Good times.


If you're glad to see me go, then good riddance to you as well. If you're not glad to see me go than you can always post a little note to me on my page. I don't plan on logging off for good. I'll still be around watching vids, reading captions (and die bombing them) and what ever else.

Sorry this wasn't funny, but damn, it felt good.

Anyway, you can take away from this what you will. Love me, hate me, in the end the only thing that matters is the funny. When the funny comes home, so will I.