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July 06, 2008


 i still don't have internet in my new apartment. so, the easiest access to the internet i have is on the dell laptop we have at work. recently that computer crashed and when it was restored to working conditions there was no sound card installed.

now, being a mac user this is something that seems impossible to me. you dont' have to install any of that crap with a mac because it's already there. why any computer doesn't have a default soundcard just ready to go in all circumstances is baffeling to me. at the moment this computer makes one noise, and loud BEEP! that reminds me of error noises on the old Osborne's from the 80's (yeah, anybody else remember those?).

i gotta tell you, i've watched about 6 vids without sound so far and it's not quite the same.

also, it's a lot harder to kill time on FOD, or anywhere on the internet, without sound.

maybe i'm just bitter at microsoft because they have once again proven their evilness by pulling WindowsXP from stores to force customers to buy Vista...because so many people were going back to XP because Vista just plain sucks. would Apple ever do this to their customers? no. and the reason being is that they actually care about putting out a consumer friendly product AND they realize the importance of inclusion (as in, the only way to get to the future is together, so let's make all our stuff compatable with as much as possible), while microsoft just wants you to use their products their way. i feel dirty just for owning an xbox360 right now.

okay, so i really don't know much about the windows vs. apple thing, but, as a consumer, i find it hard to believe that people would choose anything made by microsoft over anything made by apple just based on how the two companies treat their customers. why would i buy a computer that i have to install everything into when i could buy another where all that has been done for me, but, if i choose, i could still customize it to fit my specific needs? why would i purchase a product that is only compatable with parts from one producer when i could buy one that is compatable with just about anything as lng as you have the right software? it was sooooooo obvious during the microsoft anti-trust hearings that gates was trying to create a windows only world, and from that fucking smirk he was wearing throught the proceedings i think he thought he would win...thank god for steve jobs and the ipod, that's all i have to say about that.

being that i have nothing to do here today (sundays are notoriously slow) and no sound card i'm quite certain this won't be the only entry today. keep your ear to the ground, when the rumbling stops, check back and there will be more.