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February 18, 2016

But he forgot one for Hillary so we made one for her! It all works out!

Um, yikes. This is awkward. Shepard Fairey, the artist who created Obama’s iconic HOPE poster has made a similar design for Senator Bernie Sanders.


The OG Poster.

Bernie Sanders is the real deal and I feel it’s important for me to voice my support for his bid for President. I think he’s the candidate who will look out for the interest of average Americans and the candidate who to me embodies the principles of justice, equality, liberty, and access to the American Dream. I designed these t-shirts based off what I created for the @chilipeppers fundraiser concert, and I’m happy these will help to fund Bernie’s campaign since he absolutely does not take money from corporations or Super PACs. Bernie needs help from people like you and me and I think he’ll look out for the needs of people like you and me. Pick up a t-shirt and help support Bernie Sanders! - Shepard Link in profile to purchase / support! Shirt also avail. in white. @berniesanders #berniesanders #obeygiant #obey #shepardfairey #feelthebern

A photo posted by Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant) on

What’s awkward, though, is that he didn’t make one for Hillary. He must’ve forgotten, right? I do that all the time with Facebook event invitations. I think I’m inviting all my pals, but the logarithm leaves someone out or they slip by somehow and they aren’t invited to whatever incredibly cool bash I’m throwing. Usually, however, when that happens, my friend totally gets it because I have legitimately v chill friends.

So I think we can do a quick fix with this whole Fairey oversight. I shot him an email letting him know he forgot to make Hillary a design and if he has time to “throw something together for O'Malley, too, that’d be way rad.” In the meantime, however, I found this great website called Obama-Me that will let you upload your own photo and create your version of a HOPE poster.


This will do for now. I know it looks sort of like Hillary is a zombie set out to rob your vote, but I would just hate for her to feel left out (something she’s probably felt for years as a woman in politics.) Once Fairey realizes his faux pas, surely he’ll overcompensate and just make a swaggy poster for all the candidates. That’s what’s best, anyways — to make everyone feel included and as cool as Obama. That’s what this election should be about.