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June 29, 2018

Pistachios and OREO cookies together ? Is this a marriage in the heavens or is NABISCO nuts ? Being Iranian im very familiar with pistachio nuts. In Iran we have pistachios salted and with lemon juice as a snack and also sometimes in sweets and deserts as slivers. When I heard about the OREO THINS PISTACHIO I immediately ordered one from ebay, since we in Canada either never get these new flavours or get them months later. These have the chocolate OREO biscuits and a light pastel green creme in the middle. The cream on its own has that marzipan almond extract flavour ( my baker friend has told me that its the same flavour that pistachio extract has ) , so it dense atse like actual pistachio nuts but rather their extract. The whole cookie is an interesting experience. The pistachio cream flavour is definitely present but it kicks in a few seconds after chewing the cookie. The pistachio flavour and the chocolate cookie flavour made a good combo.