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Published: June 14, 2011
Description: Stuart walker does some of his jokes
Hi, may I Present to you Stuart Walker.

Good evening everybody, let me just start with a quick description of myself, im a projectionist and I suffer from a distrust of everyone hence why i work in the dark alone alot of the time.

Working as a projectionist I do get some perks, like free cinema tickets which make's dating very cheap.

I say that it's hard to date when people find you repugnant

This is not becuase of my personality, it comes down to my perspiration, lets put it this way I sweat like a hooker in a confession booth.

I may sweat abit but I am a very sexual man,...................I masturbate constantly.

I have been told im like the sexual north pole, I have this pull that women love...............but I suppose mums dont count.

I am very good at making love or as I like to call it "Parking the love bus"
for me its not the "parking the love bus" that I enjoy the most its the silence that comes when they Orgasm...........some people tell me thats not right but what else is she going to do when she's gagged.

Speaking of gagging women...........................they really don't like it when you leave them tied up in the corner all night.

well if you wanna hear more about me check out my next articles.

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